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Webinar Wednesday

Webinar Wednesday: Sales Psychology: Inspiring Prospects To Take Action

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

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Sales Psychology: Inspiring Prospects To Take Action Without Offering Free Rent

It’s no secret that multifamily prospects complete a considerable amount of research when determining their rental options.  In fact, according to Google, most review 19.2 different sources of information before making their final decision to rent.

As multifamily professionals, this means we’ve got to work hard to capture - and keep - the customer’s attention. An attractive rent special can help with that - but it also negatively impacts your bottom line.  And, it’s hard to sell against a competitor who may be offering a lucrative discount. In this session, we’ll show you the secret psychological strategies you can immediately deploy with your team and your marketing to get and keep the prospect engaging with you - without giving away free rent!  

From crafting compelling messages, to turning your disadvantages into differentiating factors, we’ll review the exact consumer behaviors prospects exhibit (and why!) and match them up with proven principles that are known to spark positive emotional responses. Uncover triggers that drive prospect decisions and learn what can (and will) make an immediate impact on your community.

Reciprocity, Social Proof and Scarcity are common applications in the world of psychology, but we’ll learn how to leverage these techniques for every part of the multifamily marketing funnel.  We’ll review how to elicit more authentic engagement from your prospects and residents while building a more loyal following for your brand. 

  • Identify 3 principles of human behavior and the role they play in multifamily marketing and resident retention today
  • Discover tools to help you monitor the behavior of your consumers
  • Determine immediate opportunities to apply psychology principles to your everyday operations, marketing and sales systems - for maximum effectiveness
  • See how well-known brands use these psychology principles on you, every day - and how you can easily incorporate them into your multifamily marketing plans

Join Kristi Fickert and the Webinar Wednesday Team on April 21, 2021 at 2pm Eastern Time to Gain the Psychological Advantage on Your Prospects!

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