Eviction Moratorium Update (9/1/2020)

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Renters who make less than $99,000 this year — or joint earners making less than $198,000 — cannot be evicted for failure to pay rent.

“In addition to the 2020 earning requirements, the order also applies to any renters who reported no income last year, and those who got a stimulus check at the start of the pandemic.” See Law360 article here.

“These persons are still required to pay rent and follow all the other terms of their lease and rules of the place where they live," the order says of the applicable renters. "These persons may also still be evicted for reasons other than not paying rent or making a housing payment."

“Nothing in this order precludes the charging or collecting of fees, penalties, or interest as a result of the failure to pay rent or other housing payment on a timely basis, under the terms of any applicable contract." This language is directly from the agency’s order.

The obligation to pay rent still exists, and the tenant can be evicted for other reasons, but the tenant just can’t be evicted for non-payment of rent.

--Francesca Macchiaverna, HunterMaclean