We Need You to Back the PAC!

CGAA News,

As dedicated members of the Georgia Apartment Association (GAA), I would like to express my gratitude to you for your role in making our industry one that epitomizes professional excellence and collaborative engagement.  As you know, your businesses are directly impacted by State and local legislation every day. The GAA Government Affairs Team works tirelessly year-round to ensure that we are an active party in each of those policy discussions in order to protect your business interests. This year, more than ever before they need your help – through your continued and increased financial support of our industry Political Action Committee (PAC).  As I write this note, they are representing you in conversations around eviction moratoria and proposals to alter Georgia’s strong landlord tenant legal framework, inclusionary zoning proposals and related affordable housing mandates, and “Source of Income” protections intended to mandate voucher acceptance.
Over the past decade, our Government Affairs Team has been well positioned to take part in these policy discussions to provide our industry’s perspective and highlight the economic realities that lead to unintended consequences of policy decisions, due in no small part to our strong industry-supported PAC, the Georgia Better Government Fund (GBGF). The GBGF is funded solely by donations and support from GAA members. These funds are utilized by the Association’s Government Affairs Team, as directed by the Government Affairs Committee, to support pro-business candidates and officials who will work with us to maintain the best business and regulatory environment for the apartment industry. Our industry PAC substantially enhances the Association’s ability to build meaningful relationships with policymakers under the Gold Dome who pursue, discuss, and enact legislation impacting our industry.
Since 2017, fundraising for the GBGF has begun trending downward as contributions have trended upward, with the deficit between fundraising and expenditures increasing each year. This is due in part to increased legislative activity at State and local levels targeting our industry, as well as the expectation for support at higher levels as candidates’ campaign costs continue to increase. This trend has been compounded and exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, which resulted in the cancellation of a major PAC fundraising event.
To begin to make up that difference and ensure that the industry’s voice in legislative matters remains strong, we need your help. I am excited to announce the Back the PAC Campaign, in an effort to raise these funds that are so critical to our industry’s legislative position. Please consider making a personal or professional donation to this fund today via the attached donation form or online at https://www.atl-apt.org/back-the-pac to help us reach our goal of $100,000 by April 2021.
If you have any questions about the PAC, please let me know!
Stephen Davis
Director of Government Affairs