Open Call for 2019 Board Nominations

Posted By: Sarah Davis CGAA News,

Open Board Positions:

  • Property Management-2 openings
  • Supplier-3 openings
All candidates (property or supplier) are asked to submit the following no later than July 31, 2018 (submissions received after this date will be disqualified):
  • A letter stating your interest in serving on the board, which includes why you are interested in the Board, your Association involvement, and your commitment to select if served. (Commitment includes at least one (1) board meeting per month, serving on at least one (1) committee, and attending Association events)
  • A letter from an immediate supervisor and/or upper management stating that you will be given the time necessary to complete fulfill the duties of a Director on the Board. Officers or Owners of companies are exempt from this requirement.
  • Your resume
  • Complete an electronic questionnaire that will be e-mailed after the nomination is received.
  • Must be in good standing with the Association
CGAA Board members serve two-year terms with the maximum of two (2) two-year terms per CGAA By-Laws.

Open Officer Positions:

  • Board Treasurer: This person must currently serve in a property management role. The Treasurer is in charge of ensuring that the Board and Committees are staying in Budget for all events. This person will be in charge of going over Financial Reports before every Board meeting. The Board Treasurer will work closely with the President and the Executive Director.

Additional Criteria for Officer Nominees:

  • Must have completed at least one (1) year on the Board of Directors
Candidates for Officer positions should be aware that with potential advancement, a total time commitment of service can be in excess of 6 years.

The deadline to submit your interest in serving on the Board is Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Nominations can be e-mailed to